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Chris Eric started back in the days of concert band in elementary school playing clarinet. But it was the first time he heard MTA by the Kingston Trio on an old reel to reel machine hooked him, he knew music was in his DNA. This established his passion for music, especially the 50's and 60's. In his late teens he moved on to guitar against his father's wishes which created his drive to become a musician.

In addition to learning to sing and play guitar, Chris has learned to play multiple instruments over time such as drums, piano, ukulele, Banjo and Harmonica. 

Chris has now been an acoustic singer/songwriter known as Sunday Speedtrap for 24 years, performing over 1,360 shows (averaging over 50 per year) and releasing 13 independent original records. His original songs fall under alternative country and the lyrics are positive messages focused on relationship stories.